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AIMY 2.0

No Image online status of users for the most popular Instant Messaging Clients, including AIM, ICQ, MSN/Windows Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. AIMY 2.0 can be used intergrated with ASP.NET applications, VB.NET applications, C# applications or any other language that supports .NET. If you download before you buy, you are downloading a limited functionality trial. The trial will return an Unknown status for AIM, Yahoo and ICQ, also the Web Configuration does

BuddyCheck 1.0.5: Discover invisible Yahoo! Messenger users and keep track of their online time.
BuddyCheck 1.0.5

BuddyCheck will show you the real online status of your Yahoo! Messenger friends. It will regularly check to see if they are online, even if they are invisible or are using Stealth Mode. It will notify you using a tray area balloon when a contact signs on or off. It does this by sending special messages to the Yahoo! Messenger server from a separate account which you must create.

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Website Uptime Checker Website uptime checker tool evaluate realtime performance status of your website
Website Uptime Checker

online web based applications performance status such as uptime status, downtime status, ping status and response time etc and instantly alerts user by notification alert mails or by making a beep sound while website is down, responds excessively slow or inaccessible to the visitors. Instant website monitoring is compatible with all available internet services including HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP and POP3 internet protocols and facilitates complete functional

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Website Performance Checker Software Website performance checker software monitors website ping status in real time
Website Performance Checker Software

status analyzer utility continuously examines online offline website performance and alerts you immediately when website is detected inaccessible or responds excessively slow having some problems like low bandwidth, low connectivity network status, server not found, host not found etc. Network monitoring utility provides notification when your website becomes down or loads improperly. Advanced website monitoring tool also provides 24 hours regular

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SI Ping 1.0: Ping remote Internet hosts with free visual Ping for Windows
SI Ping 1.0

online status over the Internet with free and visual Ping tool for Windows. What did your mom do when you got sick being a kid? Most probably the first thing she did was giving you a thermometer to check your body heat. If you are trying to access a remote computer and are not getting a response, chances are that computer is not functioning properly. In other words, it might be sick. But how would you give a thermometer to that PC? There is a free

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Website Uptime Monitor Tool Website uptime monitor tool find out real time performance status accessibility
Website Uptime Monitor Tool

Real time website performance analyzer software checks online website accessibility. Website tracker solution closely watches up, down time and ping status of multiple website simultaneously. Instant website monitoring application gives alert notification (beep sound or email) when website loads improperly, slow response and any error message occurred. Remote website checker utility supports all internet service protocols including POP3 and SMTP.

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MAXA Notifier for Skype 1.6: A Skype Add-On that notifies you about Skype contact events audibly.
MAXA Notifier for Skype 1.6

online status of individual contacts without losing time and disturbing your concentration. Instead or in addition to an optical notification, MAXA Notifier for Skype will notify you AUDIBLY about the state of the individual contacts you are interested in, and can read their messages to you. How do you use MAXA Notifier for Skype? Using MAXA Notifier is very easy. Simply identify the contact that you would like notification from and then you can

speak, status, speech, contact, state, change of state, maxa, notification, skype, notifier, sound

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